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Choices is able to offer you unbiased support whether you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, if you have suffered a miscarriage or stillbirth or if you would like support following an abortion.


Our centre offers free pregnancy testing with immediate results and the opportunity to discuss the result.

When deciding what to do about a pregnancy, you may need support around you if you are at all unsure. Trained advisors at Choices can listen to your concerns about the pregnancy and provide time and space whilst you reach your own decisions about the future.

The advisor will be happy to meet with you more than once and will always offer unbiased support whilst giving you accurate and up to date information. Whatever decision you reach, we are not a medical centre or abortion clinic and are unable to refer directly for abortion, although we can provide contact details.

Choices Ealing is a local, independent charity which belongs to a national network of Pregnancy Support Centres.

Post-abortion Support

Some women struggle with their feelings either following a recent termination or many years afterwards. Choices is able to offer free, confidential support using ‘The Journey’ programme. This is a step-by-step path to recovery after an abortion.


Choices offers adoption information and support if this is being considered.

We appreciate that your partner and other family members can find unexpected pregnancy news difficult. Although our help is primarily for women facing unplanned pregnancy, we are happy to help your partner and family too. We have male and female advisors available.

Other Help

We appreciate that a partner or family members can find these situations difficult. Although our help is primarily for women, we are happy to help a partner and family member too. We have male and female advisors available.

Reg. charity number: 1076758